March 3, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg Plays Jazz

I know Serge Gainsbourg as a pop star, but apparently he started his career playing jazz.  His jazz album is called Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin (Jazz in the Ravine) and is not bad.

Here’s a video I found on Youtube.  It’s not from this album, but a recording from 1964, broadcasted on Belgium television.  Serge Gainsbourg is on the piano in a trio with guitar and bass, playing All The Things You Are.  Serge plays the theme and a chorus of improvisation, while Elek Bacsik plays four-to-the-bar accompaniment (which disturbes the piano chords a lot of times).

Serge Bacsik is actually a cousin of Django Reinhardt.  He is from Romani descent, but worked and lived in the US (he played in Las Vegas a lot).

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IgnitedWeStand said...

It would have been cool to be in a band like that back then. Very simple and elegant. Now a days people just don't pay enough attention to music like it.