September 20, 2010

Amazing 12-year Old Jazz Guitar Player [Video]

Meet Andreas Varady, a 12 years old jazz guitarist who plays amazingly well. Andreas, 12 years old and living in Ireland, was born in Slovakia in an Hungarian gypsy family.

He started playing guitar when he was 4 years old, inspired by Django Reinhardt. Later he got influenced by classic jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and George Benson. Andreas plays by ear and got guitar lessons from his fathar Bandi.

It's not hard to see that this kid is an incredibly gifted and talented musician and guitarist. It's amazing to see that a 12-year old kid can have such a developed sense of musicality.

Watch this video of Andreas improvising over a jazz blues and be amazed:


I wonder how many adult guitar players have quit after hearing Andreas play...

Here's another video: Andreas playing Giant steps:



EdtheTed said...

He is amazing for 12 years old. Probably better than I'll ever be. :-) However, he is still at the "play all these notes fast" stage with one block of notes followed by another and not really an inventive progression. As they say, you have to play a ballad convincingly before you can really start your journey as a serious jazz musician. I hope he slows down and works on his clarity and melody.

Ernesto Schnack said...

I disagree. Check out this video of him with Martin Taylor:

Of course there's always room for improvement (and you can clearly see that when Martin starts soloing),, but still, the kid's 12!

IgnitedWeStand said...

This kid is extremely talented. I'm sure he could easily get into Berkeley when he's old enough. As a player he needs to be disciplined. However, it's videos like this that make me go back and keep playing.