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May 12, 2010

Pat Martino Video Lesson: Minors Over Dominant #5 Chords

In this video lesson, Pat Martino shows 4 different minors over a dominant #5 chord.

Over A7#5 he uses:

  1. Em7: sounds like 5 b7 9 11
  2. Bbm7: sounds like b9 3 #5 7
  3. Gm7: sounds like b7 b9 11 #5
  4. Dbm7: sounds like 3 5 7 #9

Dbm7 seems like a strange substitution, why would you want to play a natural 7 on a dominant chord?

May 3, 2010

John Scofield Talks Modes

In this video a young John Scofield talks about improvisation and the modes.  Nothing new here, but nice to watch nonetheless.

Improvisation = Speeded Up Composition

Although the video quality is bad, you can’t help notice how good his sound is.

Charlie Parker Speaks

Funny, but this is the first time I heard Charlie Parker speak.  In this Youtube video Charlie and Dizzy Gillespie both get an award. The funny thing is Dizzy gets an award for being the best trumpet player of all time, while Charlie only gets an award for being the best alt sax player of 1951.

May 2, 2010

Creative Guitar Playing

Great playing in this video, guitar music from Botswana.

Creative Guitar Playing: Pencil Version Of Misirlou

Here’s a great guitar arrangement of Misirlou, composed by Michalis Patrino in 1927, but better known as the theme of Pulp Fiction.  This version is played by a father, his son and 2 pencils on 1 guitar.