May 12, 2010

Pat Martino Video Lesson: Minors Over Dominant #5 Chords

In this video lesson, Pat Martino shows 4 different minors over a dominant #5 chord.

Over A7#5 he uses:

  1. Em7: sounds like 5 b7 9 11
  2. Bbm7: sounds like b9 3 #5 7
  3. Gm7: sounds like b7 b9 11 #5
  4. Dbm7: sounds like 3 5 7 #9

Dbm7 seems like a strange substitution, why would you want to play a natural 7 on a dominant chord?

May 2, 2010

Creative Guitar Playing

Great playing in this video, guitar music from Botswana.

Creative Guitar Playing: Pencil Version Of Misirlou

Here’s a great guitar arrangement of Misirlou, composed by Michalis Patrino in 1927, but better known as the theme of Pulp Fiction.  This version is played by a father, his son and 2 pencils on 1 guitar.