March 24, 2010

New Pat Metheny Book: The Pat Metheny Interviews

This new Pat Metheny book is the result of a series of in-depth interviews with Pat Metheny, done by Richard Niles for the BBC.

In the book Pat Metheny demonstrates his methodologies on guitar, talks about his motivations, how he achieves his goals and about the philosophies behind his music.

Some of his colleagues like Lyle Mays, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Burton, John Patitucci and Michael Brecker have also contributed to the book.

Amazon Rating: stars

The Pat Metheny Interviews costs $13.95 (at the time of writing) and is available at Amazon here.


Marc-A said...

Can't wait to get it. There was an old book (mostly transcriptions I believe) of Pat Metheny from the 80's

I never really got into it... but this one, seems to have the depth that would captivate me (and make me practice like mad for weeks!!!)

Thanks for sharing!

Shadow Guitarist said...

Thanks for sharing this one! Pat's been an inspirational figure for me, both for his musical compositions and his improvisations.


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