September 4, 2009

United Airlines Breaks Guitars Video 2

Here’s Dave Carroll’s second United Airlines video.

Story + first video:


Robert from said...

The first song is better than the second, isn't it? But great job on both songs - what an excellent marketing strategy!

Tynk Andrychow said...

Funny and scary.

Jacksonville Guitar Player said...

That is great. What did they use this for. It's too long for a commercial. I agree though, great marketing strategy.

He is great on the guitar.

Jacksonville Guitar Lessons said...

I enjoyed watching the video. Really entertaining! I also like the message of the song.


the cost of Touring by Motor Coach is for Big Money Bands, the Airlines are "Too Big To Fail" and AMTRAK is a GREAT RIDE for Normal Working Guitarists! Even a Private Stateroom with Lavatory, WiFi, great Meals, & You Take Your Shoes Off When YOU Want To!!! to Lay Down To Sleep!
I perform at the AMTRAK STATION in San Juan Capistrano, CA & have been singing the "BOYCOTT the AIR LINES SONG" over a Year. I've personally carried my 17" Emperor-Regent ALL OVER the U.S.A. on AMTRAK with NO PROBLEMS! (I will state, definitely, the AMTRAK MOTOR COACH connections WILL TRY TO DESTROY your gear..)
I cannot understand Americans Paying Airlines to be Treated Worse than Convicts in "CON-AIR" Movie!!!
Do We Understand, they Treat We, The Paying Customer as it were, like CATTLE?

The Talker said...

Guitars and toolboxes. Airlinws were either busting or sending it to other airports.

Wasn't aware how varied they were, when looking to buy guitar strings. Even in looking through the Amazon listings, it was enough to totally loose me. Wound up with one of the kids giving me an extra set they had. Then the tuning was another relearn process. From years back, and even now, seems my fingers just don't toughen up.
Anyway, did blog the full experience, and even tossed in how ones life experiences parallel the guitars life.
Be Well

IgnitedWeStand said...

That song is surprisingly really good. Also, the guys in the boat with the french horns is a great touch.