May 1, 2009

Modern Jazz Guitar: Lorenzo Frizzera

Lorenzo Frizzerra, a subscriber of the Jazz Guitar Gazette, sent me a link to a YouTube video of him playing “Blind”, a composition from his album “everything Can Change”.  I must say I’m impressed, Lorenzo swings without losing focus on the melodic quality of his lines.  His improvisation is coherent enough to let his music tell a story.

According to his bio, Lorenzo Frizzera began his guitar journey at the age of 9, playing  classical music, jazz and blues.  At 14 he studied the music of Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall.  As other influences he lists John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Ralph Towner and Bill Frisell.

Lorenzo’s band, the Lorenzo Frizzera Trio, features the famous Hammond organist Joey DeFrancesco, who played with people like Miles Davis and John McLaughlin.

Lorenzo’s gear:

  • Gibson ES175 D with D’Addario strings (010-046), Fender Heavy Picks and Cordial cables.
  • A Fender Twin Red Knob amp
  • Ernie Ball VP-JR
  • Custom Audio Electronic Boost/Linedriver – BMXR
  • Tube Screamer TS9
  • Phaser PH-100
  • Chorus Boss CE-5
  • TC Electronic G-Force
  • Custom Midi Footboard
  • FV-100 Expression pedal

Lorenzo’s website, where you can download the scores and mp3s of his last album: 

Here’s the video of the Lorenzo Frizzera Trio playing “Blind”.  You can download the sheet music here: Blind Sheet Music