April 22, 2009

Amazing Jazz Guitar Solo Intro: Adam Rogers

A subscriber (thanks Chris) recently told me I should checkout Adam Rogers. I did, and so should you, he's an amazing guitar player.

I had never heard of him before, I guess he's more famous in the States than he is in Europe (and there are so many great jazz guitar players these days, it's hard to know them all).

According to his bio, Adam Rogers is a post bop guitar player with a classical background. He plays in the John Patitucci Trio and in Chris Potter's band. Before that he played in the Michael Brecker Group and Lost Tribe.

Other people he played or recorded with include Norah Jones, Cassandra Wilson, Paul Simon, Larry Coryell and Elvis Costello. Adam Rogers studied with John Scofield, Howard Collins and Barry Galbraith.

In this video, Adam Rogers plays a solo intro to Half Past Late on a Michael Brecker concert In Mexico:


JazzGuitarLessonsNet said...

Great intro! Rogers is an outstanding musician.


André Rodrigues said...

Hi ! Great.
One player that truly impressed me as well is Jake Reichbart, which you might find in youtube. Just a sugg. Greetings,

m78w said...

Adam is unreal, I've seen him live with Chris Potter a few times and a few summers ago I transcribed his album Art of the Invisible, both experiences changes my view on guitar and music in general. Definitely one of the best around!


hatefuksob said...

Metheny never graduated from Berklee; he was never even a student there. He was employed as a teacher when he was 19.

Unknown said...

Nice video man .. and thx andre for suggesting jake rechbart .. he's awesome