March 6, 2009

Mick Goodrick & Pat Metheny Play Meditation [Video]

Mick Goodrick is a jazz guitarist, but his most noteworthy contribution to jazz is his work as an educator. From 1973 to 1976 he played in the band of Gary Burton, alongside Pat Metheny (from 1975 on).

Mick Goodrick graduated from the Berklee College of Music, after which he began teaching there as well (he still works there today). His line of students is quite impressive: Mike Stern, John Scofield, Bill Frisell and many more. Pat Metheny cites him as one of his influences...

Mick Goodrick wrote a very good book, called The Advancing Guitarist

The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick


Here's a video of Mick Goodrick playing "Meditation" in duo with Pat Metheny:

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