February 9, 2009

Ted Greene Masterclass

Check out this rare video of master guitarist Ted Greene. In the video Ted demonstrates how he applies Bach chorale techniques to the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves." What's even more remarkable is that Ted is making it up all on the spot.


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freddy j said...

interesting to me is this mans use of the telecaster, nothing against jazz boxes, save, maybe the high cost of purchase. brings to mind the saying about the craftsmans skill, and ability being more important than the tool. nothing against tele's either, i play on one myself. i do envy this mans talent

Anonymous said...

Ted was never about "talent," but sheer determination. And he worked as hard for his improvisation skills as he did for his tone: the Tele was no accident either. I highly recommend the recently published book "My Life with the Chord Chemist" for insight into both of these matters, and many more

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation of the "My Life with the Chord Chemist." Well written and useful.

Unknown said...

For Ted Greene fans, a new site with great recordings of his arrangements"


a students tribute

donations support his website

worth checking outQ

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