February 8, 2009

Lenny Breau Masterclass

Lenny Breau was a master guitarist and teacher. Having helped to pioneer the 7-string guitar, using a high-A string, Lenny was also known for his mastery of two-hand harmonics, fingerstyle picking and pianistic comping.

In this rare teaching video, Lenny performs for the students, followed by a discussion on his guitar and approach to performing in the jazz guitar idiom.


CM said...

this is great! I love jazz and guitar, anyways I'm making a blog about the greatest guitars ever made, here's the link let me know what you think http://greatestguitars.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what model amps he used? I know he used fender twin on the tal farlow video but it seems on the cover of live on burbon street he's using a princeton.... thanks for the input!!!

Anonymous said...

The amp behind him is an older model Yamaha G-212.