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February 11, 2009

Ed Bickert Trio

There aren't many jazz guitar players who possess the harmonic vocabulary and innate musical ability that Ed Bickert does. In this trio recording featuring Claude Ranger on drums and Don Thompson, Ed is at his very best. His chord melody and soloing are intricate and elegant at the same time, and his single lines are clean, clear and melodic.

This is Ed doing what he does best.


Anonymous said...

He is a master of chord melody as well a master soloist but he combines both to get almost fender rhodes sound at times.

Tony said...

sounds great ....

Anonymous said...

Coming from Toronto, I remember Ed playing many nights in the after hours spots (House of Hambourg..Clem Hambourg)Always the coolest and unassuming guy who makes jazz guitar look so easy.
Great sense of time and a wealth of very personal of my favourites. Jack