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January 24, 2009

Rare: Video Clip For Pat Metheny's Are You Going With Me

Here's a cool old school video clip for Pat Metheny's "Are You Going With Me" someone posted on Youtube (I hope this one stays online, record companies are probably loosing tons of money as we speak :-)

Are You Going With Me is one of my favorite Pat Metheny songs, it first appeared on the album Offramp in 1982 (not that I was very interested in music back then, I preferred playing with my toy cars) and has been a concert highlight for many years.  The song James is on the same album, also one of my favorites (and very fun to play).

Lyle Mays plays a lovely harmonica-like synth theme and Pat uses his typical guitar synthesizer lead sound to play an awesome solo.  Are You Going With Me also appeared on the live album "Travels" (such a great album, it only has 5-star reviews on Amazon).  Many people like the live version more than the studio version and I have to agree, the live version has a more organic feeling compared to the studion version.

I just love those early Metheny albums!!

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Lucas said...

Pat is great!, this video is very bad!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest video ever!
Have anyone noticed how the music accompanies the growth and fall of the relationship?.. moreover the video is being obviously tailored after the music so it's really quite impressive how they could come up with something that closely related!