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January 27, 2009

Rare Video: Early Joe Pass Playing A Fender Jaguar

Here's an old  black&white video (beginning of the 60s) of Joe Pass, from the days he still had hair.  He probably just got out of drug rehab at that time, but his chops were already quite spectacular.  Joe Pass is not playing the regular guitar he used to play at that time (a Fender Jazzmaster owned by the Synanon Rehab Facility), but a Fender Jaguar through a Fender Showman amp.  Here's more if you want to learn about Joe Pass' Guitar Gear.

January 26, 2009

Korean Drummer Freaks Out [Video]

Here's a funny video of a Korean drummer freaking out on stage.  The fun starts at 1:10, the real fun starts at 2:15 during the guitar solo.  He sure is a passionate guy ;-)  How's your stage act?

January 24, 2009

Rare: Video Clip For Pat Metheny's Are You Going With Me

Here's a cool old school video clip for Pat Metheny's "Are You Going With Me" someone posted on Youtube (I hope this one stays online, record companies are probably loosing tons of money as we speak :-)

Are You Going With Me is one of my favorite Pat Metheny songs, it first appeared on the album Offramp in 1982 (not that I was very interested in music back then, I preferred playing with my toy cars) and has been a concert highlight for many years.  The song James is on the same album, also one of my favorites (and very fun to play).

Lyle Mays plays a lovely harmonica-like synth theme and Pat uses his typical guitar synthesizer lead sound to play an awesome solo.  Are You Going With Me also appeared on the live album "Travels" (such a great album, it only has 5-star reviews on Amazon).  Many people like the live version more than the studio version and I have to agree, the live version has a more organic feeling compared to the studion version.

I just love those early Metheny albums!!

Go here for Pat Metheny licks
Go here for Pat Metheny sheet music

January 20, 2009

Amazing Tap Guitar: Erik Mongrain Plays Airtap [Video]

Erik Mongrain is a Canadian guitarist who is specialized in "lap tapping", a technique that you can compare with playing piano on a guitar.  With the guitar on his lap, he taps the chords as if it is a piano while also playing rhythmic elements on the body of the guitar.

According to his website, Erik's main influence is Michael Hedges, one of the pioneers of tap guitar.

Erik Mongrain is not alone though, these days there are quiet a lot of tap players and most of them have an impressive technique (I'm not even going to try tap guitar myself, I guess that means I'm getting old :-) What I miss sometimes in tap guitar players is musicality.  I'm watching these videos on Youtube, thinking "wow, that's amazing", but on the other hand it bores me after one minute. 

Erik plays this piece, Airtap, on a guitar with the open tuning of F: FACFAF.

Anyway here's the video:


In case you want to make an attempt at Airtap yourself, you can download the guitar tabs here (in exchange for $10/piece):