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June 18, 2008

Mike Stern Playing Some Shabby Acoustic Guitar

HI Guys, it's been a long time since my last post, I've been kind of busy.
Here's a cool video of Mike Stern playing some shabby guitar live on Argentine radio. It's nice to hear even the great guitarists do sound like #$!@ sometimes.

Click here for Mike Stern Licks...

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fastmoney said...

Dirk you are wrong about his playing -- the recording is bad --- but what he's playing is good --I'm suprised
at you Dirk!


Q said...

If that's shabby playing, then where is the line that I stand in to play like that?


Anonymous said...

never mind the guitar playing - will someone please shoot the idiot with the camera!


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice blog, I do have a question for you or your readers.

I heard a rumor that possibly the Ovation Guitar manufactures contacted the new rock , blues, and jazz guitarist GW Williams to record and play his new song, Acoustic Guitar Rock N Roll Blast Off, and

Rumor has it GW Williams used an expensive $2795.00 deep bowl Ovation Legend Guitar to pull off what many say is the greatest guitar song ever played on acoustic guitar. The acoustic sound and style is unreal , I've listen to the song, never has any Martin guitar sounded as great as this !!
Is GW Williams really the worlds greatest guitar player on acoustic guitar?

An amazing song it truly must be or guitar or both.