February 7, 2008

How to Get a Jazz Guitar Tone: Amps

Many aspiring jazz guitarists wonder how to get a good jazz guitar tone.  The key is getting the swing feel in your ears and fingers and getting the right gear.  In this article I made an overview of the guitar amps that are the most popular in jazz:

How to Get a Jazz Guitar Tone: Guitar Amps

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Unknown said...

I need to learn how to play my jazz. I've got a great tone on my variax, but I suck at jazz stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think this sight is good but it is fairly biased towards tube amps I play a big 16 inch arch top and I prefer a solid state sound of my Henrikson amp to my fender deluxe any day it is warmer and much much more reliable

Teach Yourself Guitar said...

Excellent! My amp (Peavey Classic 30 Tube) is on the list. Now i just need to learn how to play jazz guitar.