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June 27, 2007

Incredible Solo Jazz Guitarist [Video]

This guy is incredible! John Phil Wayne is a guitarist from London, England who has been pursuing a career as a solo jazz guitarist since 1961. He plays walking bass, chords and solo improvisation at once in a way and with a speed I have never seen before. He has a very strange, but very effective right hand technique. He really deserves his nickname: Thousand Hands.

Check out this clip of John Phil Wayne playing a fast blues:

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June 2, 2007

Great Version of So What by Miles Davis [Video]

Here's one of the best versions of So What that has been captured on camera. Personally I find the Kind of Blue times Miles Davis' best period. Miles plays a very nice solo on this take, he's totally focused and every note he plays is meaningful. The same goes for the solos of John Coltrane and Winton Kelly, great stuff.

So What for Guitar
John Coltrane Lick

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