April 6, 2007

Sylvain Luc Plays Solar (Miles Davis) Slap Guitar Wise

Sylvain Luc is a French guitarist who studied at the Academy de Bayonne as a child. He masters guitar, violin, mandolin and cello (and I was complaining I had to study piano as a second instrument :-) In this video he plays Solar, an original by Miles Davis. I don't like the sound of his guitar too much (what's with the buzzing high E string?), but his incredible technique totally makes up for it. Somewhere in the middle of the video he starts to play slap guitar, very impressive!

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Fingerstyle said...

Thanks for posting this, it's good to find some things about Sylvain Luc, in my opinion one of the best and fresh voices of contemporary jazz guitar. Just a notice: Solar was written by the great Chuck Wayne, as explained by himself in a Cadence interview. You can find the whole story at my blog:

Compliments for your blog, all the best

Anonymous said...

he's just THE musician of this century, that's all