April 3, 2007

Playing Over m7b5 Chords

There is a new guitar lesson at the site: http://www.jazzguitar.be/half_diminished_chords.html

The lesson is about how to play over half diminished chords.  I got a lot of emails of people who are having trouble playing over these chords.  There are 13 tools I use to play over half-diminished chords, a Bm7b5 chord in this case:

  1. The B Locrian Scale
  2. The 6th grade of the D melodic minor scale
  3. The A harmonic scale
  4. The E minor pentatonic scale
  5. The B blues scale without the 5
  6. The G bebop scale
  7. Bm7b5 or Dm6 arpeggio
  8. Dm7 arpeggio / relative major 2 5 1
  9. G7 arpeggio
  10. Fmaj7 arpeggio
  11. Em7 arpeggio
  12. Dm/maj7 arpeggio
  13. Fmaj7#5 arpeggio

Do you know some alternative ways to play over m7b5 chords?

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