April 29, 2007

Free Jazz Chords

The Free Jazz Chords eBook is a compilation of beginner and advanced guitar chord charts bundled with a comprehensive tutorial about guitar chord theory. You can download the eBook when you subscribe to the Jazz Guitar Gazette (free as well), a newsletter filled with jazz guitar lessons, tips & tricks, guitar licks, answers to your questions and much more.

Download the free ebook here: The Jazz Guitar Chords Book

free jazz chords

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April 26, 2007

Brazilian Guitar Book

The Brazilian Guitar Book is a great book that's written by Nelson Faria and published by Sher Music. If you want to learn authentic Brazilian guitar accompaniments and Latin chord melody arrangements, this is definately the book to go for. The book comes with a CD with audio recordings of each exercise and a tune in each style. Highly recommended and only $24.97!

More information about the Brazilian Guitar Book
Listen to a Sample of the CD

Free lesson: Latin Guitar 101

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April 25, 2007

Jazz Guitar 101: Arpeggios

This is a lesson for the beginners amongst us:

Jazz Guitar 101: Arpeggios

The tutorial deals with arpeggios, what they are, how we can play them on guitar and how we can use them in your guitar solos.  It's the first lesson in a series of beginner tutorials, in which I will be covering all the jazz guitar basics.

If you have questions or remarks about this tutorial, you can post them at this thread in the forum:


All the Best,

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April 24, 2007

Emily Remler

Here's the intro clip from E)mily Remler's Advanced Jazz and Latin Improvisation video in the Hot Licks Video series. The tune she plays is one of Antonio Carlos Jobim and is called "Red Blouse" from the album Wave (1967). Emily Remler puts a nice going groove into the tune, although I don't really like how she plays the beginning of the theme, I think she plays it a bit too staccato. Nice video none the less.

Emily Remler Tabs

Bossa Nova 101

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April 19, 2007

The New Jazz Guitar Forum

Good news, www.jazzguitar.be has a new forum:


It's going fast: we're only opened for one week and we already have 456 members and 655 posts. There's also a posting contest going on: he who has the most post by May 11th wins the competition. First price is Band in a Box 2007, but there are also prices for 2nd and 3rd place. More Information: The Jazz Guitar Posting Contest

You can post guitar tabs directly into your posts. Here's how: How to Add Guitar Tabs to Your Posts

You can also show Youtube videos directly into your post: How to Add Youtube Videos to Your Posts

And finally, you can register here: http://www.jazzguitar.be/forum/register.php

See You There,

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Reggie and Victor Wooten Slap Guitar Battle [Video]

More slap guitar: Reggie and his brother Victor Wooten have a funk off.

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April 18, 2007

John McLaughlin with Shakti

Here's another (black and white) video of John McLaughlin with Shakti, playing live in India in 1974. I love the bending technique he uses to mimick Indian scales.

John McLaughlin Tabs
Exotic Guitar Scales

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April 17, 2007

Bireli Lagrene at the Age of 13 [Video]

Here's a video of Bireli Lagrene playin at the Montreux Jazz Festival at the age of 13. Bireli Lagrene is a French guitar player who was born in a gypsy family and started playing guitar since he was 4 years old. In these beginning years he sounded very much like Django Reinhardt, but a few years later he found his own sound playing fusion and recording with Jaco Pastorius (1986).

The chops he allready had as a 13 year old are really amazing. His guitar is a bit out of tune though.

Bireli Lagrene Tabs

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April 6, 2007

Sylvain Luc Plays Solar (Miles Davis) Slap Guitar Wise

Sylvain Luc is a French guitarist who studied at the Academy de Bayonne as a child. He masters guitar, violin, mandolin and cello (and I was complaining I had to study piano as a second instrument :-) In this video he plays Solar, an original by Miles Davis. I don't like the sound of his guitar too much (what's with the buzzing high E string?), but his incredible technique totally makes up for it. Somewhere in the middle of the video he starts to play slap guitar, very impressive!

So What Guitar Tabs

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April 5, 2007

Listening Tip: Andreas Oberg - Django Reinhardt Swing [Video]

Andreas Oberg is a Swedish jazz guitarist who plays mainstream jazz, modern jazz and gypsy swing. This video is a live recording from a gig in Portland in January 2006. This guy sure has an impressive right hand technique!

His website: http://www.andreas-oberg.com/index2.html

More gypsy jazz: Django Reinhardt Licks, Stochelo Rosenberg Licks, Django Reinhardt's guitars

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April 3, 2007

Playing Over m7b5 Chords

There is a new guitar lesson at the site: http://www.jazzguitar.be/half_diminished_chords.html

The lesson is about how to play over half diminished chords.  I got a lot of emails of people who are having trouble playing over these chords.  There are 13 tools I use to play over half-diminished chords, a Bm7b5 chord in this case:

  1. The B Locrian Scale
  2. The 6th grade of the D melodic minor scale
  3. The A harmonic scale
  4. The E minor pentatonic scale
  5. The B blues scale without the 5
  6. The G bebop scale
  7. Bm7b5 or Dm6 arpeggio
  8. Dm7 arpeggio / relative major 2 5 1
  9. G7 arpeggio
  10. Fmaj7 arpeggio
  11. Em7 arpeggio
  12. Dm/maj7 arpeggio
  13. Fmaj7#5 arpeggio

Do you know some alternative ways to play over m7b5 chords?

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