February 12, 2007

Female Guitarists: Emily Remler (& John Abercrombie) [Video]

The title of this post might imply that I'm having doubts about the masculinity of John Abercrombie, which is not. This video is an excerpt of a Berklee alumni performance of 1988. The band with Emily Remler and John Abercrombie on guitar plays Brigas Nunca Mais, a tune composed by Emily. The band is introduced by John Scofield. The video quality is awful, but the solos and the tune are great.

Emily Remler graduated at Berklee at the age of 18 and recorded her first album at the age of 24. Unfortunately she died at the age of 32 after a heart attack.

Emily Remler Guitar Licks

John Abercrombie Guitar Licks

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There's a song with the same title composed by Tom Jobim, but this one played in this video is originally composed by Emily. Great song, amazing perfomances! But John Scofield making an effort to speak in Portuguese is hilarious!