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January 26, 2007

Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie [Video]

Anyone heard of Tommy Emmanuel? Probably you do, but he's new to me. He's unbelievable, he swings like hell and has a super fast picking technique. Check out this video:

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Andy said...

Hi Dirk,

I subscribe to the Jazz Guitar Gazette and use all the stuff you post online. Thanks for your generous and ongoing contribution, it's an inspiration. I have my own blog charting my attempts to learn jazz - please come over:

All the best, and thanks again,

Dirk said...

Thanks Andy, nice blog you have there, I added it to my Bloglines.

Be Well,

Josh said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Tommy Emmanuel in concert last year, along with Jake Shimabukuro, Martin Taylor and the Joscho Stephan Trio.

He was amazing, and I probably learnt more talking to him after the show (he's a great guy, too!) than I have from any other guitarist - even though I'm not really much of a fingerpicker.