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December 18, 2006

Cool Rhythm Guitar Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutotial made by Rodrigo y Gabriela, two Dublin-based Mexicans with a unique acoustic sound. Gabriela uses the body of her guitar to make fast, rhythmic patterns while she's playing chords. There's a comparison with flamenco, but this is different.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely love it! Sounds very pure and yet hotblooded, so it really has some flamenco roots in it. Really good and enjoyable to listen.

T-Shirts said...

I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela live in Dublin not long ago. I love their style of playing, very inspirational to my work.

Anonymous said...

Nice post man .. Looking forward to readin more posts .. Keep up the good work ..

Velvet Crime

Anonymous said...

This is so differnt to what I hear in england now a days it's so lovely, really pure, you can hear the guitar chords and the echo of the guitar so well when it's being hit. I'm going to try and learn to play my guitar like this

Learn Guitar Chords said...

Very inspiring. Good vibes.

IgnitedWeStand said...

Gotta love Rodrigo y Gabriela. They sound great.