December 4, 2005

Excellent Jazz Guitar Course: Play What Your Hear (Chris Standring)

I hear a lot of guitar players say they 'play by their ears'. Using your ears and playing what you hear is certainly the right approach in my opinion, but I believe that a lot of players who claim to play by ear, actually follow their fingers' routine. Many improvisers get stuck in a system of playing, repeating the same patterns and using the same approach to improvising over and over again.

The 'Play What Your Hear' jazz guitar course can help you conquer this problem. The eBook teaches you to hear melodic phrases in relation to an harmonic background, instead of having to rely on patterns.

The course is divide in 4 parts: the first section talks about melody, the second about harmony, part three is about playing changes and part four is about phrasing.

The course comes in two formats: a downloadable eBook or CD Rom version.

Click for more information: Play What You Hear

Highly recommended!

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